Kalahari Resort And Nemacolin Resort
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Kalahari Resorts is the national brand chain resort with hotels in Wisconsin, Ohio and soon to open in Virginia. Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is an independent resort located in Pennyslavia.

Nemacolin Resort connects to the customer better than Kalahari Resorts. Nemacolin has a friendly user interface design with information that is well arranged, descriptive and informative.  The links are clear, each describing the amenities found in the resort. On the other hand, Kalahari Resorts websites information is scattered and mostly uses videos to pass information.

Technology has made Nemacolins information easy to find in that the website has adopted the basic usability principles. It has proper links that are working and properly connected. The images used in the website load fast and provide the customers with a good picture of how the resort facilities look like.  The site also has an email club feature which allows current and prospective clients to get information about the promotions and packages available.

The hotel reservation can be done online. It has four steps, the first being checking for a rooms availability. Technology has helped in that a customer can check the availability of the room by querying the resorts database and gives a list of the available rooms. The customers can then go ahead and book their desired room. This system also allows the resort to upload a photo of the room next to its description. Payment can be through a credit card which is billed immediately depending on the number of days the customer wants to stay in the suite. The system also captures the personal details of the customer and the reservation form can then be submitted.

These hotels can use technology to improve their customer service through services like online chat which provided instant access to information from customer service agents who work in these resorts. By using the frequency identification system for guests to gain access to the hotels guest restricted areas such as Spas, health clubs or the pools.

The hotel can use technology to improve on advertising by sharing their links on worldwide tourism websites. These can act as referrals and customers looking for holiday resorts can then follow the link to their homepage. They can also use digital magazines that publish information on resorts and probably be featured in one of the publications.

Kalahari Resorts has used technology in quite a unique way. It has used flash videos as the websites main banner. These videos show various photos of the hotels facilities such as the rooms. These videos also have music. The music is used to advertise the resorts and it gets the customers attention. The website also allows for online shopping where the customers can purchase souvenirs and gift items.

Both hotels have used similar advertising techniques such as allowing customers to connect to them via social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. They have also used promotions and special offers to attract customers e.g Kalahari has a special offer for Mothers Day   while Nemacolin has special competitive family packages.

Kalahari Resort uses technology to gain competitive advantage in that it has embraced proper technology in the design of its website to attract customers more than Nemacolin has. This is evident through the use of attractive flash videos and music which give one a clear and simple look of the entire resort, using the 360 degrees tour, Online reservations and  special rates, providing different links to the other resorts and even more exciting, online shopping.



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