Important Tips For Running A Successful Video Contest
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When it comes to increasing your brand recognition, vital video can take your business to higher levels. You can always take advantage of the contents generated by the users to run an online video contest. Here are some of the tips to start you through

Establish the reason

It is very important for you to know the reason why you should create video contests with EasyPromos.  What is your theme? Do you want to create awareness of the new product that you just launched in the market or looking for the best video to use in advertisements? Knowing your reasons will help you come up with effective strategies to make the video contest not only successful, but memorable too

The power of social media

There is no doubt that social media can just do everything right for whatever you invest in. You can make use of social media in two different ways; personal and visitors use

To start with, the video contest has to be promoted in different social media platforms. It is important to include hash tags in this strategy for more people to be aware of the contest

You should also ensure that you add social media sharing buttons on your website. This will enable more people to be aware of your brand. Actually, a successful video context has to be backed up by different social media platforms

Establish the rules for the contest

Clearly outlined rules will help you uphold the company image and avoid issues to do with authorities. Specify the group of people that are eligible for participation and the time limit for submissions. If most of the participants are minors, it is recommended that you first seek permission from the concerned authorities

If the company wants to use the contents of the video contest, explain to the owners what rights they are eligible for when it comes to the video contents.

Moderate submissions

Before posting any videos, you first need to make sure that they are approved. There are some video contents which may not be professional and posting them can be more dangerous than good for your company’s image. The good thing is that a variety of platforms have their own built in moderation to help the video content run smoothly and successfully.

Select the appropriate partner

When planning for a video contest, it is important to involve a number of partners. This will enable you gain access to knowledge and skills to make the contest successful. There are also a number of things you should consider in the company you want to partner with. You need to know if they are able to uphold all the legal aspects in running the video contest and whether they have organized the same in the past.


For you to make the most out of your video content, you need to input extra efforts to get value out of the time and resources used. 

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