The Condor Hotel – All That You Need To Know On This Brooklyn Hotel
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The Condor Hotel is a premium hotel that is designed to be an enticing oasis which is not only affordable but also one among the unique Brooklyn hotels, accommodated for both business and leisure travelers. People who are watching out for some nice place for corporate business meetings in Brooklyn and also a place that is in close proximity with other attractions of the place, you can plan an extended stay at the Condor Hotel in NY as this is going to your ideal options.

The guests are welcomed with a pretty warm smile and they manifest true sense of ethics and manners. Guests are going to reap all benefits of the closeness to local shops, restaurants and cafes and other public transportation. This Condor Hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn hotel retains its refined and insulated environment and serene character.

The host of amenities that you will get

As long as the Condor boutique hotel is concerned, convenience and comfort comes first. Being one of the most sought-after hotels due to its services, here are few amenities that are offered by them.

Living room: The living room of the Condor Hotel is the ultimate place to be. You can unwind your soul, relax, meet new friends, make new ones and socialize there. If there’s someone’s birthday, you can even arrange personal celebrations at the local venues. You will also get facilities like ATM, large flat-screen television, maps, magazines and computer.

Garden: Their garden is well-manicured and it is the epitome of calm and beauty amidst this urban backdrop. You will get individual sitting areas with the design of the landscape and let all guests enjoy an extent of discretion and privacy.

Refreshments: If you need a refreshment break at any time of the night or day, you can get in touch with the Front desk of Condor hotel and you’ll get baked cookies and a wide array of gourmet teas, coffees and a selection of lemonade, hot chocolate and many other things free of cost.

Concierge: They have this on-call concierge which offers customized service to make sure their guests always have a memorable stay. They have professionals who assist guests about entertainment tickets, tours throughout the city, reservations for restaurants and florist services.

Ideal corporate lodge – Condor hotel

This is also the premier choice for all corporate lodging as they provide you with a wide range of guestrooms, furnished with ergonomic chair and a working desk each. They have dry cleaning services, complimentary breakfast, regular housekeeping and Wi-Fi throughout the convention center. Moreover, you also get corporate discounts as well.


Therefore, if you’re planning to travel to Brooklyn, whether for corporate or leisure reasons, book the Condor Hotel to reap the above mentioned conveniences. 

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