11 Tips To Travel Right & Responsibly In Bhutan
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Bhutanese are simple people who are still not quite acquainted to tourism. They are an agrarian mountain community, deeply rooted in their spirituality, culture, and otherworldliness. Therefore, it becomes almost essential to visit the spiritual kingdom with an open-minded and sensitive approach to all aspects of your journey to Bhutan.

To your astonishment, their growth is measured in Gross Domestic Happiness and not Gross Domestic Product. So, overall the quality of life and happiness overpower the economic aspect of the life. Till 1999, Bhutanese knew nothing about something called ‘television.’ Surprised?

And if you find yourself clung to a balcony holding your phone towards the sky in search of network signal, it’s not news anymore. Not technology, but culture, people and their conduct matter to them.

You need to understand Bhutan well to travel here responsibly  because that is all the locals expect from you. Show them and their culture a lot of respect and get a bucket load of love and regards in return.

Here are a few tips for you to travel right and responsibly to Bhutan:

#1. Bhutan is still opening its doors to the western culture. So, don’t rush to show them how developed you are. Bhutanese are a very composed and meditative people. While traveling to many of its places, you may realize yourself stuck in those situations where you will feel out of your western comfort zone. Just remain patient, ask the locals most respectfully and be thoughtful. You must remember that Bhutanese exercise discretion when they express their love, affection or anger towards each other.

#2. Think twice before you take pictures without permission. It's anything but difficult to get snap-cheerful when given Bhutan's incredible scenery and way of life. However some Bhutanese don't care to be shot since they trust that photographs and recordings contain some portion of the spirit that could then be utilized for dark enchantment. Keep in mind, this might be your outing of a lifetime. However it's their existence, so present yourself and ask authorization. At whatever point conceivable, it is intelligent thought to request a postal address and extend your gratitude by sending photos back to the locals.

#4. When going to old and sacred destinations, there are a couple of convention that is convenient to know and simple to take after. Don't get on ruins, abstain from touching any religious or spiritual object, and when you stroll around Buddhist landmarks and sanctuaries, do so in a clockwise manner, that is –the monument must be at your right side. It is generally not an issue to enter Buddhist temples, but rather take your shoes off and refrain from using cameras and clicking photographs while you're in there, that too without permission.

#5. Respect any creature and untamed life that you may experience, just as humans. Try not to feed any animals unless you are particularly given authorization. Abstain from plucking flowers regardless of how delightful they might be. Presumably, your guide will give you a reference book so you can distinguish plants in situ. Don't touch or move fossils, and essentially, don't stroke the dogs – they can be forceful towards outsiders, and stray puppies in Bhutan may contain rabies.

#6. In Bhutanese culture, it is hostile to indicate what you get as a blessing or tip. Continuously give your tip straightforwardly to the beneficiary in a fixed envelope if conceivable, which you ought to never hope to see opened before you.

#7. Alongside opiates and explicit entertainment, the export and fare of collectibles and religious antiques is restricted. In case you're uncertain while shopping, check with your guide – on the off chance that they're unsure they can twofold check with the administration's Antiquities Department.

#8. The purchasing and offering of tobacco items are prohibited in Bhutan. However, you are permitted to get 200 cigarettes for your own utilization, which will be slapped with a 200% import obligation sticker price. It is denied to smoke out in the open workplaces and in government premises, and it’s a strict no-no to smoke anyplace closer to cultural monuments, temples or religious places.

#9. Bhutan is a conservative nation and people are God-fearing in nature. Ladies ought to have their legs and shoulders covered, and men should wear full-length pants and shirts with long sleeves.

#10. Abstain from touching individuals' heads: it is viewed as a heresy, and don't extend your legs in broad daylight, as feet are regarded as polluted.

#11. When going to temples, give high regards to both the place and the general population that implores there. Try not to toss anything into the fire as it is considered holy and, if for reasons unknown – time of day, particular prayer time – you are not allowed to enter, acknowledge this benevolently and ask your guide when may be the preferred time to return.

So, these are 11 tips for you to travel right and responsibly to Bhutan.

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So, what are thinking about? Come and discover the Charisma of Bhutan!

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