What To Do In Virgin Gorda
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As part of the British Virgin Islands, Virgin Gorda is the second most populous island of the entire chain. Its name comes from Christopher Columbus, who said the island looked like a fat woman who was lying down on her side. It may not be the biggest of the BVI’s, but the fatness of what tourists can do on Virgin Gorda is obvious. Within its 8.5 square miles, Virgin Gorda has plenty of yacht clubs, coves, expansive waterfronts, and luxury resorts for the thousands of visitors to be apart of.


The “Fat Island” has plenty of green for hikers to walk through from sea level to the top. A 15-minute hike from the top of The Baths, an area of volcanic origins,gives visitors the beautiful sight of Devil's Bay in the Southwest, while a second trail to the East leads hikers through big granite boulders, where they need to crawl, climb ladders, and walk through the water to get to end. The highest point on the island at 1,370 ft. above sea level, Gorda Peak is one of the last remaining sites of dry forest in the region. Follow trails that go to the lookout tower at the Peak for a panoramic view of the whole BVI. Lawrence Rockefeller donated much of this land, when he opened his Little Dix Bay Resort in the 1960s. 


The island’s history of African, Indian, and Spanish colonization is around, as seen at Little Fort National Park, the old Cornish Copper Mines, and Spanish Town, the second largest town in the BVIs. The Spanish fortress and former mineral sanctuary were abandoned in the 19th century, but are preserved for tourists. Every March, at Fishers' Cove, there is the Fisherman's Jamboree, a fishing competition in which guests are also exposed to the islands’ various seafood they cook up. St. Thomas Bay, the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor, and the town’s small airport give access to the town.


Besides the nature and the beaches, visitors can also enjoy the pleasures of Virgin Gorda’s shopping from local craftsmen in clothing, jewelry, and books. In addition, they can enjoy the numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes that line the beaches with a mix of different foods. Of course, being the Caribbean, it is impossible to not have a rum-based drink, such as the Piña Colada, or even a delicious rum cake.


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