Are You Going On A Family Summer Vacation? Here Are 7 Amazing Tips On Travelling With Babies
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According to recent statistics, about 45% of Americans go on summer vacation each year. This translates to almost half the population travelling each summer by various means to numerous holiday destinations, both local and international. If you have a baby and have been wondering whether you can go with them for summer vacation this year, have no worries because it is totally possible. Travelling with infants can be quite a grueling task. However, with the right information, you can definitely make it through in an enjoyable and relaxed way. So, here are the top tips for parents travelling with infants during summer:

1. Check on the travel arrangements

Whether you will be travelling by air, road or sea, the first thing you need to do when vacationing with infants is to find out what travel arrangements are available for your infant depending on the chosen means of travel. For instance, if you are going on a road trip, ensure that you have a comfortable baby car seat, and if you will be taking a flight, then find out from your airline whether they will allow you to carry your baby on your lap or if you will need to purchase a separate ticket.

2. Start planning early

Planning for any vacation can be quite stressful. If you have a baby on board, then the pressure gets worse. For this reason, it is important for you to begin the planning process as early as possible as this will prevent you from getting into a last-minute rush which may lead to forgetting of important details.

3. Consult your pediatrician

In order to ensure that your child is in optimum health throughout the trip, you should consult your pediatrician on any health and safety measures that should be taken before and during the vacation. Specify where your holiday destination will be and ask the doctor whether your baby will need any additional vaccines. In addition, you should consult them on the appropriate measures to take when handing various situations which you might face during the trip. For instance, according to, it is recommended that infants travelling by air should be given something to suck on such as a bottle or pacifier during takeoff and initial descent when the cabin experiences the greatest pressure changes.

4. Pack smart

Whether you’re normally a heavy packer or a light-packer, travelling with infants requires a whole new set of rules: you need to pack smart. First of all, avoid the temptation to place your baby’s belongings inside your suitcase as this can cause confusion and even cross-contamination. Instead, pack at least 2 separate bags for your baby. The first one will be your day-to-day carrier bag with all the essentials that you need including diapers, wet wipes, a first aid kit and snacks among other items. The other bag will contain extra clothes, shoes and other belongings which can remain in the hotel room or wherever you’ll be accommodated.

5. Sun protection

Your infant’s skin is extremely delicate at this stage in their life and excessive exposure to sunlight can easily lead to sunburns and other skin problems. In order to avoid this, especially during a hot summer vacation, it is recommended that you carry an umbrella stroller for going out with the baby. Before making the purchase, be sure to read extensive reviews of the current models of umbrella strollers in order to help you make an informed decision. You should also carry some baby sunscreen that is suitable for infants’ skin.

6. Entertainment

While all the adults are enjoying fun times doing water sports, sight-seeing and other fun summer activities, you mustn’t forget that your infant also wants to have a good time. Therefore, remember to pack their favorite toys as well as any interactive DVDs or kiddie cartoons from home. You should also make an effort to visit child-friendly tourist destinations such as theme parks and zoos where your little ones can have a fun time along with the rest of the family.

7. Safety first


Whenever you are outside the comforts of your home, then you should be extra careful about the safety of your child. First, ensure that you have informed your hosts or hotel lobby that you are have a toddler and you can even leave them with a recent photograph of the child. This will be very useful information for them to have incase anyone tries to kidnap your little one. In addition, leave a copy of your address card within the baby stroller as this will facilitate easier identification and tracking in case of any incidents.

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