Looking For Travel Buddy 2016!
September 30, 2015 10:51 AM  |  Posted By: Rachy
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Hey fellow travellers,

im looking into doing the sunseeker trip around July 2016. Is anyone looking to do something around the same time? Bit nervous about going alone ??

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Cloud at 4:21 AM February 3, 2016

Hello there!! Im planning to do this trip by myself as well! Im gonna start with busabout in paris 4 of july, would be awesomde found some travel partners

Rachelansell at 6:59 AM October 29, 2015

Hey Rachel :) I commented on your sun seeker blog post. I'm from Sydney. Most of my friends have already been this year, so I am planning to do it solo as well. I am a little nervous too, but I spoke to a busabout person this morning and I am planning to do the north and west route and maybe the Iberian adventure and Ibiza Island hoppers as set trips

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