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The Gatlinburg Silent Track: Making A Special Attraction Even More Special
May 17, 2018 10:42 AM  |  Posted By: Parisha Sharma
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Here’s what sets the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster apart from every other attraction: The silent track.

With this feature, riders can sit back, relax and enjoy the incredible scenery and natural wildlife passed during the ride. The silent track enables the riders to simply soak up the extraordinary beauty around them.

There is no danger of any of the animals making their way onto the track because this has been prevented with a metal cage. The best part is the cage does not obstruct the view as the riders travel through the Smokies. There are squirrels, birds and even deer to enjoy during the right weather.

“The Great Smoky Mountain region is a wonderful vacation destination, and our priority is to give visitors the most amazing experience ever’,” said a spokesperson for Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster.  “In short, the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster is one of the “MUST DO” attractions.”


The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster offers a sensational and unique ride through the Smokies. The rider actually has the ability to control how fast they travel. Some people prefer a slower, more leisurely ride with a gentle breeze caressing their skin. Others want to race through the track at thirty miles an hour or more for an adventure packed with thrills and excitement. The rider can use the brake on the cart because it is hand operated and requires no skill to operate. The brake can also be simply ignored leading to turns and twists at full speed that will get the blood pumping. Whatever choice is made this is an amazing ride.

Once the riders have arrived at the coaster they can choose if they want a solo cart or a cart for double occupancy. This means they can ride by themselves, with a family member or with a friend. For safety any child less than 36 inches tall is not permitted on the ride. Children 56 inches or taller can enjoy the experience with an adult. The carts with double occupancy are a lot of fun and an excellent way to enjoy a special date.

Prior to the ride starting an attendant takes the time to explain all of the safety features. Once this walk through has been completed the attendant asks for a thumbs up to make certain the rules were fully understood by everyone. Some riders always seem to have questions. This is fine because the attendant is always happy answer. The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster takes safety seriously.

Even with the rainy days sprinkled into every spring the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster can still be enjoyed. This phenomenal coaster is operational during snow, rain and sunshine.


The track is still running after dark and is lit by thousands of lights. As the lights twinkle the riders are assured the experience will be magical. Everyone should experience the magic of riding this coaster after dark.

This is the perfect ride for a graduation, a birthday, a weekend getaway or for no reason at all.


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