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Travelling - 5 Apps Every Digital Nomad Should Know About
February 12, 2018 11:46 AM  |  Posted By: Parisha Sharma
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Digital nomads enjoy life in the fast lane. This means they have to keep tabs on relevant information that is appropriate to their situation regardless of where they are in the world. The good thing is that advancements in technology seem to be on their side in this regard and there are several applications that a digital nomad can use to tour the world like a pro.

The thing about these apps is that they have to offer more than just the ability to do the task they are made for. They should be innovative to make them stand out from the rest and offer features that are appropriate and useful in the dynamic lifestyle of a digital nomad. Here are the 5 apps that every nomad should know about.

1.      Service - for flight delays

Often times, passengers don’t claim their flight compensation from airlines because airlines tend to forget to tell you there is such a thing.  They want to keep your money, but if you know your rights as an airline passenger, then you know that’s not how it goes.

Service - for flight delays is a helpful app that manages your flight compensation claims through Get Service. This app helps you get what you deserve for having to deal with extended delays, flight bumps, and even full blown cancellations.

Don’t get upset with airlines because they won’t compensate your time, get Service - for flight delays and get on to better things.

2.      XE Currency

As a digital nomad, one of the features that makes you good at what you do is the proper management of finances. Keeping in mind that your many travels will require your best when it comes to planning your expenditure, especially as you hop from country to country.

So, when you are calculating how much you will need in a foreign country, XE Currency is the best place to find those conversion rates. You can convert to any currency in the world and still use it when you are offline to check the last updated rates.

The reason this is one of the most popular currency exchange apps with more than 20 million downloads is the fact that it is also has a go-to site. Furthermore, it offers more business-related features including the rates of the top precious metals like gold. With a free download on both Android and iOS, you can be sure your finances are in check wherever you go.

3.      iTranslate

Most digital nomads enjoy learning the local language and will aim at learning a few new words after every trip. The good news is, with the help of iTranslate, you won’t need a translator when you choose to stroll through a foreign city.

This app allows you to speak, write and read in 90 languages. The ease of use makes it one of the best apps to use to learn a few basic words from a given language or get what you need when you don’t speak the language.

You can comfortably interact with the locals, have an easier time in restaurants, and understand the signs you see. Also, you have the option of sharing the words you have translated directly to your various social media platforms, email or messages. You can get the free version or pay $5 for features like voice commands and longer texts.

4.      Live Trekker

If you find yourself using your smartphone a lot during your trip – perhaps trying to capture the beautiful scenery – but you don't have space to hold your journal, then you need the Live Trekker application. Whether you use an Android or iOS device, you will enjoy the fantastic features of this digital journaling app.

That is not all. This application will record all the routes you take in the city and mark it on the map. If you wish to include photos, video or text, you can do so with the click of a button. It’s really easy to use and a great tool for the journalist on the go. There is no way you can miss this application if you are a digital nomad.

5.      Time Out

The other thing digital nomads are known for is their desire to have fun and loads of it. It is their work to find the best things to do in the foreign city they are visiting, but the Time Out app has come to ease the burden of finding the places you don't want to miss when you visit a country. You can consider it a directory of all the restaurants, attractions, bars, and events all over the world.

So, while other tourists are having a hard time finding the place to spend their weekend in a town they’ve never visited, you will rubbing elbows with the locals at all the events and festivals going on around you. It’s up to you on where you go, and Time Out is here to give you options. Better yet, you get the options of booking your tickets to events. Not to mention, it is free for both Android and iOS.


Travel is great, but if do not know what you are doing, it is so easy to come home feeling that you missed out on something important. Pick up these apps to make sure that you’re ahead of the curve for all of your travels.

What are your favorite travel apps? Do you have an secret weapons on your smartphone you can’t believe people who travel don’t have? Share them with us in the comments below.


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