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How To Travel Green
February 12, 2018 12:12 PM  |  Posted By: Parisha Sharma
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Caring for the environment often comes with advantages like lower utility bills and fuel expenses. That’s why it’s somewhat ironic that some of the more ardent proponents of environmentalism are also those who count among the most affluent in society.

The truth of the matter is that you can be both rich and environmentally responsible. That also applies when you’re on vacation. Just because you can afford luxury villa rentals in Mexico doesn’t mean you can’t practice eco-friendly measures while you enjoy your holiday.

So what can you do to help the environment while you’re on a luxury vacation? Here are some practical tips:

  1. If you can drive to your destination, do so instead of flying. That’s especially true when you’re just travelling 300 to 500 miles and you ride on a fuel-efficient vehicle and you keep the speed down. Going 75 mph will cost 15% more energy per mile than going 67 mph. But even using an SUV for 2 or more people results in a smaller carbon footprint than flying.
  2. For travel beyond 500 miles, often flying is the only practical option. But you can still find ways to reduce your carbon footprint while you’re in the air. You can go coach instead of first class to take up less space. Go on a nonstop flight to make more fuel-efficient use of the plane. Pack light, as every pound of luggage results in more fuel used up by the plane.
  3. Wherever you may want to go, try to minimize the use of heating and cooling devices. If you’re feeling too warm, take a cold shower or a dip in the pool. After all, luxury villas invariably have swimming pools. If it gets too nippy at night, bundle up with blankets and cuddle with your spouse.
  4. The most eco-friendly activity you can do while on vacation is to find a beach and lounge. Have a cool drink with you and a gripping book, and just relax. Even kids will find many things here on the beach to catch their attention. Just give them a pail and a plastic shovel so they can play with the sand.
  5. If you want to move around, try walking. You can also just rent a bicycle. These can really help you enjoy the scenery, plus you don’t end up emitting noxious fumes or using fuel. If you do need a car, then rent a small car with a nice fuel-efficiency rating, rather than a gas-guzzling SUV.
  6. Aside from lounging at the beach, you can also go cycling for miles, or go camping or sailing. These activities are certainly a lot eco-friendlier than visiting a theme park. But if you decide to visit one of the parks, you can at least minimize the level of trash you generate while you’re there.
  7. You should also try to eat locally. This means you eat dishes that use fresh local ingredients. You’re supporting the local community, and you also end up eating dishes that didn’t have to go far to get to where you are. Also, fresh ingredients make for tastier dishes compared to frozen goods.

As you can see, just because you’re able to spring for a luxury vacation doesn’t mean that you also end up messing up the environment. You can enjoy the benefits of a luxury villa and also save the local ecology. You can then relax knowing that you’re done your part in preserving the environment, and you can enjoy the trappings of luxury with a clear conscience!


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