3 Loops Europe Trip 8th June - 14th Augest 2016
February 8, 2016 5:05 AM  |  Posted By: MattZ
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 Myself and two others will be traveling on busabout doing the north, south and west loops of Europe starting in Milan on the 8th June 2016 and finish in Italy on the 8th of August.


Going to travel to France -Spain (Ibiza ) on busabout  then heading to England and back to Paris to catch the busabout to do the north then south loops. Also traveling to the south of Italy by train then the Greek island.

If anyone is doing the busabout around that time let me know would be good to meet new people and travel in a bigger group. :)

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MattZ at 11:57 PM March 20, 2016

Hey, we will be in Munich around the 7th of july and then start the south loop. We will be doing south loop in july so a month to earlier then you.

Anna-Maria at 9:49 AM March 8, 2016

Hello, me and my best friends will be travelling on busabout doing the south loop, starting in Munich in the beginning of august.
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