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The World’s Most Liveable Cities
May 23, 2018 7:24 AM  |  Posted By: Elena Willson
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Undeniably, the world is one beautiful place. If you’re lucky to indulge in travel often enough, you’ve been to lots of places and appreciated them for their diversity and all the good things they have to offer. However, while being a tourist or a traveller somewhere can be an envious experience, you still wouldn’t equally prefer living in some of the locations you’ve visited for more than a few justifiable reasons. Therefore, in case you’ve been wondering where you could definitely settle down for good, we have a few suggestions which will make your decision even more difficult.

Mercer’s Quality of Living index ranks the cities according to their infrastructure, real estate, public transport, economic and political situation, health system, real estate, and recreation facilities. There are 20 cities on the list, but plenty of them are located in the same country. For this reason, I hand-picked the countries which have the highest number of best places to live in.


This wealthy European country can boast the most cities that are proclaimed as the greatest places in the whole world. These are: Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf. Actually, the number of Americans applying for German citizenship more than doubled in the recent years, which speaks volumes about the standard of living. It’s hard to tell if it’s the grand buildings and bridges of Hamburg, the capital’s culture and urbanity, or Frankfurt’s green pedestrianised areas that seem to be the most appealing.


While it’s true that the list in question mentions only two of Australia’s precious gems (Sydney and Melbourne), it seems a bit unfair that Brisbane wasn’t paid enough attention, so it simply had to be added here. Namely, even though Melbourne has been at the top charts of numerous best cities lists for years, Brisbane is much more appealing when it comes to median expenses and suburbs. On average, the facilities such as schools and shops are much nearer in Brisbane then other cities. The only downside is that the temperature is a bit higher than in Melbourne (7 degrees, to be more precise). Consequently, Aussies from Queensland usually opt for a lighter coloured car.


All of Swiss cities are surrounded by lush nature, and holiday photos from the country are so inviting you might have a desire to immediately move to Bern, Basel, Geneva, or Zurich. If you’re an architecture fan, then you’ll love waking up in the city where the traditional style meets the modern design. Should you rather enjoy living in a true metropolis, there’s Zurich for you. If you enjoy skiing you should visit Geneva. For less than 2 hours of traveling from the city you can find yourself skiing down the Alps.  


Renowned for its hospitality and kindness, Canada is also proud to have three of the most liveable cities in the world: Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. Ottawa ranks high when it comes to the least polluted cities on the planet. Toronto has around 200,000 students, and some 200 nationalities have chosen it as their home. Rather impressive, isn’t it?  If you want to live in Canada but you are not a fan of the cold weather, Vancouver is the right place for you. This city has one of the mildest climates in the country.

New Zealand

Sydney isn’t the only city with an opera house in this part of the world. Wellington has one, and a lovely harbour to match it, too. Similarly, Auckland is also surrounded by wonderful nature. What’s even better is the fact that you can easily transfer from the urban centre to one of the small nearby islands in order to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life.

As you can see, there are more than enough destinations for you to choose from. The cities couldn’t be more different, but it is the high life standard that binds them together. If you’re already living in one of them, feel free to brag about your hometown even more.


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