Turkish Visa Application
Turkish Visa Application
January 16, 2014 2:58 PM  |  Posted By: Busabout Simon
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Please note that the Turkish Consulate has recently advised that the sticker / stamp Visa on arrival will no longer be available from 10th April 2014 and will be completely replaced by a pre-arranged e-visa application process. We have been advised that vistors to Turkey travelling from 10th April 2014 onwards on passports from these countries will be required to pre-purchase their entry visa via the Turkish Government website www.evisa.gov.tr prior to entering Turkey. Currently you can only apply within 90 days of your arrival date which you must elect on application. You can enter Turkey on any date from then, within this validity period (the length of which will be advised on application and will depend on your passport). It has been advised to apply for your visa at least 1 week before departure (you should receive email confirmation within 24 hours usually) and that your passport must be valid for 6 months. Currently the cost of an E-Visa is betweeen USD$0 and US$60 for most nationalities (differs with passport). If your nationality is not listed here you are either exempt from visa (do not require one for the advised period of tourist travel) or you need to visit the nearest Turkish Embassy / Consulate General for visa application which should be advised on attempted application online. If you had any further questions please consulate your local Embassy / Consulate for official, complete and fully up to date information (that could be subject to change) as will be your responsibility to ensure all the necessary visas are obtained prior to your trip.

This affects all those booked to travel with us on the Turkey ANZAC Adventure, Sail Turkey, Turkey Cappadoccia Adventure, Turkey Aegean Adventure, Ottoman Trek, Classic Balkan Trek and Mini Balkan Trek for all 2014 departures.

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Busabout Simon at 10:17 AM May 3, 2014

Hi Ariean87 - last we heard NZ passports were exempt from Turkish Visa yes so this is not required for you. To be 100% official, best to check with your nearest Turkish Embassy / Consulate General though. Cheers, Simon

Ariean87 at 4:42 AM May 3, 2014

Hi there, I'm going to travel into Turkey on a NZ passport and I've tried applying for the E-Visa but it tells me I'm exempt. However, my travel agent keeps insisting that I need to apply, so I'm very lost. Do I need one or not?

Busabout Simon at 8:32 PM January 21, 2014

Hi Jodie - from what we have been advised, after the 10th April, all visitors travelling to Turkey will have to pre-purchase their visa via the link above. Currently you can chose to either pre-purchase or arrange on arrival for travel before the 10th April. However, as of 10th April, the local stamp / payment on the border / on arrival at the airport will no longer be an option, so whilst we have been advised this is a permanent change, Busabout are not able to offer Official Visa advice so we have advised to contact your local Turkish Consulate direct with further questions or concerns however naturally feel it super necessary to share these changes with all our travellers ASAP and will keep abreast of them as quickly and accurately as we can. We'll be emailing everyone currently booked on the above tours for all 2014 departures shortly and have added to all our E-documentation for these tours too. Cheers, Simon

jodieleigh at 12:06 PM January 20, 2014

What happens after the 10th April, or is it just constantly changing? Cheers!
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