Young At Heart Oldies 60, Would We Be Welcome?

Hi, we have travelled on a few of your trips over the last 15years, 2x Europe Flexitrips, Greece Island hopper, Haggis. We love the concept! Just use the transport between destinations and if we need help we can ask, also staying at the "busabout holiday camps" is really great! So convenient for drop-off and pick-up. We always make sure we choose the best accommodation on offer in the camps. We do our own thing once we reach each city. It's really brilliant! It's not like conticki where you are saddled together all the time. Our only thing we found, we got some very unfriendly glances when we joined the group. I'm sure everyone thinks "O no!!! What the hell are these Oldies doing here?" But if we could find another tour group that has the excate concept as you for "Oldies" I would rather join them! But no where can I find this same concept! I don't want to be saddled with people every moment of the day, also we can choose our own accommodation, and also eat at fun different places, or just stay in and make our own home-cooked meal. Please can you offer your thoughts and I would appreciate it! PS: Not everyone glared at us, in fact we have made a few friends that we have kept in contact with.
Also if Busabout changed the age recommendations on the advert, more Oldies would join, but still mention it is for young at heart people.


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