Luggage Allowance On Croatia One Way Sail

Hello beautiful people,

I'm travelling around Europe for 6 weeks and one of those weeks will be with Busabout one way sail in Croatia. I am a little nervous I will have too much stuff..Does anyone know about luggage allowances? The boats look quite small! I'm below deck, no ensuite..if that helps!



How did you go? Did your luggage fit?


It was fine! The below deck rooms were really really small but it wasn't a problem. You just can't spread your stuff out easily or anything but there's no need anyway. Had the time of my life and would definitly do it again!


Hey, so it was fine to take along a large travel case?
Would say a 30kg large suitcase be okay to take on board?


Hi Moniq_e,

We advise to take up to 20kg with you.

Busabout Team

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