Travelling Solo - Sailing Aug 23rd - Aug 30th

Anyone going on this tour?! I'm sailing on the Cruiser Ensuite yatch :)

Updated June 16, 2014 at 5:31 AM


Hey Nikki
I am also doing sail Croatia on the same dates, with my sister and friend. Are you going spilt to dubrovnik? :D


Hi yes i'm doing the island hopper! sailing on the Cruiser Enstuite which yatch are u travelling on?!


Hi Nikki,

I am also travelling solo and have been searching for a tour to do on these dates. So many to choose from. Any tips on why you chose this one?

Thank you :)


Hi Nikki
We're doing the Croatia one way sail not the island hopper so we won't be on the same boat but we might bump into you over there. :D


I am doing the croatian island hopper on 16- 23:-) I am travelling solo but i have booked a twin share room. Looking forward to meeting you all :-) Luxmy

Updated August 6, 2014 at 4:41 PM



I am doing the Croatia Island Hopper Split-Split the same dates!

I'm on Classic Standard, Above Deck though so mabybe we will be on different boats?

Also travelling solo x

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