I have just got home from the Croatia Island Hopper trip and wanted to write a review to give my positive feedback as I was a little unsure about my trip after reading a few negative reviews online.

In my opinion the trip is AMAZING! Everyone on our boat got on very well and our guide Carlos was brilliant. The tours are definitely most suited to people in their twenties who want to experience new places, food, culture etc but also go out and party most nights.

I travelled on the Viktorija boat which I think was the best one compared to the others we saw in each port. The staff on it are incredible and it has lots of space and a good sun deck.

There were 17 guests on our boat which was a perfect number although I think it can take up to 30 which would maybe be a bit crowded. We were made up of Brits, Ozzys, Kiwis and Canadians which made for a great mix of people!

We booked an en suite room above deck. I'd recommend this for the views, breeze and its nice to step out of your door onto the deck straight away. We didn't use the shower in the en suite as it was tiny and just a wet room really so we used the communal showers which were bigger and that was fine. The rooms have bunk beds and are quite cramped but you spend no time in there anyway so it isn't an issue at all.

Lunch on the boat was 3 courses each day and absolutley delicious- fresh and home cooked.

Then there was a swim stop each afternoon. I travelled in May so the water was pretty cold but still nice! Definitely buy a lilo early on!

Then most nightd we had dinner as a group at a local restaurant recommended by our guide which was always good, well priced and often included a free shot!

Then there is a 2 hour happy hour each night before heading out to the bars recommended by our guide where there were more free shots! The only shame for us was we were really looking forward to some of the bars we had heard of such as the one in a cave and monastery but travelling in May meant that most of the big venues hadn't opened yet. This was a shame but good at the same time as the bars we want to were often filled with just our boat and people from other boats we had met along the way so you felt like you knew everyone there.

The trip all in all was amazing and of strongly recommend it to anyone I'm their twenties who is keen to travel Croatia in the best way and meet new people! Try to request the Viktorija boat if you can as I reckon its the best!