The Scandi-baltic Adventure!

Hi guys,

Having been up to Scandinavia and the Baltics myself a few months ago to see all the places and meet all the people who will help make this trip the new hot ticket for 2012, I can tell you guys a little bit about one of the most awesome places in Europe and kickstart this brand new forum too!

First of all - 5 capital cities in a week! Wow - sounds a bit rushed until you here how we get around:) In a corner of Europe where the sun barely sets in the summer months we want to make the most of the big outdoors to see these uber-cool cities around the Baltic Sea hence we'll be travelling on 3 ferries - two of them big night ferries from Riga - Stockholm - Helsinki so maximising your city time too! They are huge 15 floor boats - bars, restaurants, shops, great little cabins and a really infamous way to get around the Baltics that many young Swedes and Finns jump on in the summer (especially for the odd duty free drink on board!:) Sitting up on the deck in November darkness I was trying to imagine what it'll be like for you guys in the summer - an evening beer in hand, 11pm, daylight still in the skies. They are so huge I barely noticed we were at sea too:)

Next - the Baltics - super awesome places. Tallinn in Estonia has to be one of my favourite cities in Europe. Stunning medival cobbled streets, great little underground bars and taverns a little bit like Edinburgh at a glance. This city is a rising star amoungst rising stars but Europe's "Culture Capital 2011" is still somehow off the travel radar a little bit so definitely go see it sometime soon! Did I mention the amazingly cheap food and drink, cool and quirky atmosphere and beautiful, chilled out friendly people too?:) Latvia and Lithuania such hidden gems as well - the scars of the East still strong from their decades under Communism but buzzing Baltic capitals now! Go put some AK47's through their paces at an old Soviet bunker in Riga then in the evening appreciate why this is one of the nightlife hotspots of the East! We've throw in some club entrance and few drinks for a guarenteed great Busabout Riga night out too!

Scandinavia - sexy Stockholm and mighty Helsinki. Get to see the other side of the Baltic Sea - We'll be staying at the best backpacker places in the cities, retracing the steps of the Vikings in Stockholm (complete with horny helmets!)and getting a chance for a dip in a traditional steamy Finnish Sauna too!

So yep - we're pretty excited about heading North for summer 2012 so if you're looking for something a bit different then the Scandi-Baltic Adventure could well be the ticket!:) You can even link it in with our friends at Vodkatrain from Tallinn to head over to St Petersberg in Russia on the train across to China! Now that would be an adventure!:)


I'm planning to do this next year after travelling around Europe in the summer, has it been popular enough to be kept on?


I'm going on this trip Talinn to Vilnius from 4th August at the mo but might change to reverse route on the 28th July. Anyone else going or anyone else done the tour already??


Hey! I've just booked my trip - Vilnius-Tallinn 25 Aug departure! Can't wait!!


I'm thinkin of booking on the 4th August Tallinn-Vilnius too! It sounds amazing!!


Has anyone done this tour and have any feedback I'm booked on the 18th Aug Tallin - Vilnius & I'd love to hear what it's like from someone who's done the tour.. Anyone got any tips????


Hi Debbie,

You might have more luck getting tips from past travellers on the Busabout Facebook page, we've been getting loads of feedback from those finishing up travels on there lately.

Being a new trip this year, we'd love to hear your thoughts when you've finished the trip too!

Have an amazing time!



Thanks :)
Ive been keeping an eye on the FB page but nothing has really come up there about it, which is a shame. Oh well I guess Ill find out what it's like in just over a weeks time :)


Hi Debbie,

You may have noticed on FB today, we're trying to encourage reviews :)
Make sure to pop yours up once you've finished your travels, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time though! :D

If you have any specific questions, as always ask away, we're here to help.



I've just discovered Busabout tours & have joined the community. I'm really interested in this Scandi-Baltic Adventure tour - but can anyone tell me if there are ever any 'baby boomers' on these trips? I realize that there are mostly young people travelling on Busabout, but as a mature age traveller on a budget, I'd like to think I'm not the only one in my age group. Any past experiences from anyone?




I'm going to go on this trip. Either from Vilnius on June 29th or the other way round from Tallin on on 6th July. The thought of it is helping me get through the gloomy winter!


Now booked the one from Tallin on the 6th July

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Hi guys!
I did this trip in August this year, the Tallinn-Vilnius route. It was fantastic! Had an absolute blast! I'm happy to answer any specific questions if anyone has any.
I did it by myself, but the tour was predominantly aussies in their 20-30's. It involved a fair amount of drinking! But there were quiet nights too. The ferries were HEAPS of fun, the duty free onboard is ridiculously cheap (hellooo Yves Saint Laurent makeup at Revlon prices!). We played drinking games everywhere we went, met heaps of crazy people, saw some amazing sights, and generally had a great time! :D


Hi everybody!

I did this tour in July last year. I've finally posted my travel diary from the trip online for those considering this trip in the future. It's here Scandi-Baltics

I took the Tallinn to Vilnius route (so the reverse of the usual). When I asked the guide which way he preferred his feeling was that both had advantages.

Being a relatively new tour our group was small and mixed.

If you've got any questions on it I'm happy to answer them as well.

Happy travels!


I have not been visit the place but now i am plan to go for the adventure tour of scandi baltic adventure which is the best where you realized that this place i extra ordinary of the adventure..

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