Help! Transfer From Venice To Athens.

Hi guys i have just booked all my accom for the Greek Island Hopper and went to book the ferry from Venice to Athens but have discovered they don't depart on the days i would be needing it. I start my Greek Island Hopper on Saturday 28th July (so will be departing for Mykonos at 6.30am) and the ferry won't get me into athens till 6.30 at night! Will they be adding more departure dates for the ferries next year or will i have to find another way to get to Athens? Any suggestions on how else i can get there on a budget? Or am i going to have to rearrange my whole trip?


Hey there,

I would recommend flying with easyjet. They fly to Athens via Milan and Rome fairly cheaply. Train travel within Italy is inexpensive and easy to figure out, this website has more info . From my experience you should book the plane in advance but you can deal with the train ticket in person (you'll have to wait in lines but that way you have more flexibility and the kiosks are in english anyway). If I were you I would go with a train as opposed to a bus (bus travel isn't as big there and everyone I met that used it had a bad experience).

Hope this helps!

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Hi Rachii,

If you get in quick have a flight on the 27/07 from Venice to Athens for $117 with Aegean Airlines, this is an awesome price so get in quick!
Otherwise is there anyway you can arrive a bit earlier into Venice? Or if you continue on to Ancona just a little further south of Venice there is a ferry on the 25th July to Patras?
Perhaps if you check back in a couple of months you might even find that additional ferry departures are put on if there is a high demand around these dates so you might be lucky, however if I was you I would try grab that flight!

If you find that you are still not having any luck with the ferries and need to change the date of your Greek Island Hopper, just give us a shout at and we can see if there is availability on another date and change your booking, if you have booked through a travel agent you will need to contact them first.
Also instead of cancelling all of the accommodation that you have already booked, first send an email to all of the hotels/hostels and see if they can change the date for you at their end that way you won't lose your deposit, it is definitely worth a try.
Hope this helps and give us a shout if you have any other questions.

Steph :)


Thanks so much for your help guys :) i think i am going to change my greek island hopper and leave a day later and just get the ferry down instead. Also one more question. How strict are they with the 90 day visa? My current itinerary has me going over the 90 days by 2 or 3 days. It it alright if i am over by a few days or should i make sure i am out before the 90 days is over?



That's one of those things that could be fine or could be an issue, depending on how strict the immigration officer you meet is. I know a girl who overstayed her visa by a few months and just talked her way around it every time it came up, BUT that being said, you never know if the officer you meet is going to be having a bad day or just generally be a stickler for the rules. You just have to decide if it's worth the risk for you or not!


Hey Rachii,
I've just realised I've done the same thing and will be in Europe for about 97 days...eek! I've heard that theres some countries that aren't included in the 90 day visa..does anyone know what they are?? And what happens if u do get an immigration officer on a bad day???


Hi Kelz - there's a few countries that are not in the Schengen zone including Croatia, UK, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Turkey. Check out this earlier thread where a few have been discussing Visa legalities and checks

However we can't give official visa advise unfortunately so best to check with your embassey about any grey areas.


i heard that if u go over the 90 days u get a fine of 140 euro and banned from that country your in(not sure for good or number of years). i made sure to get flights in out so i wont exceed 90 days. i understand why they have the schengen visa but it just seems like they dont want ppl to spend money in their countries.


Hi Sam - I think it's more that they don't cater the visas to the backpacker travellers who are genuinely on holiday for a matter of months I guess. They consider someone going on a conventional "holiday" as tourism however someone who stays for many months will be looking to live and work illegally which they want to regulate, therefore requiring different permits and visas.

Just seen this article in Lonely Planet which is worth a read too albeit most already covered above. They give a handy list of the Schengen states though.




thanks simon just read the article.ive got flights in/out and busabout for queens day as in/out of the schengen area the only way i can possible exceed the 90 days is if my flight gets cancelled/delayed which is beyond my control and they can see im trying to leave(as much as i want 2 stay longer).all flights back to the uk.

here for a good time not a long time-queens day,greek islands may 16,la tomatina,oktoberfest

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