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Hi guys,

I have recently booked our Alpine Pass trip for May next year. I'm really keen to start booking accomodation but I'm not sure whether it's too early...I'm worried that not all of the available hostels will show up or that they won't have it set up to accept bookings that far out and we'll get there and it won't be booked (even though I'm sure I'll confirm everything 8 times before I arrive). Any advice?

Thanks :D


Love from Cass


Hi Cass!

I must say, that's very organised of you! :)

We're currently reviewing all of our recommended accommodation providers to ensure that we are staying at the best places possible. The list of where we will use for our Pick up/Drop Off points throughout Europe will be put up on our website at the start of November at the absolute latest.

After then, you can start to book into these places to ensure that you get a bed :D


Thanks so much for that!


Love from Cass


Hello friend, thanks for your passionate of early booking accommodation. I think you can talk to the hotel manager and learn about their terms and condition for early booking and go ahead ...:roll:


The hotel section is not working to book as of Oct.28, 2012 can not put the number in of passengers and book hotels very bad as I need to book 33!

Updated October 29, 2011 at 5:07 AM


My friend and I are trying to book our accommodation for Turkey Sailing and the Greek Islands but your system won't let us!

Please advise, this is very annoying and I don't seem to be the only one having this problem?


Make It Happen!


Hi Pocket Fairy,

Sorry to hear you're having problems booking Greece and Turkey accommodation - was the issue with availability in the rooms you were after or did you have issues logging into MyTrip or viewing the accommodations at all? If you can pop us an email to with some details we'll take a look ASAP.





im having the same issue as Pocket Fairy. I tried to book a night in Turkey before the sailing and i chose how many nights i wanted and when i went to pay/deposit, i wasn't able to...will this be fixed soon?



Hi Melinda,

Sorry for the issues here - Are you able to send us a print screen of the error you are getting to so we can take a look to help?

I know there are some issues with browsers / certain versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox where you have to scroll to the right hand side to see the drop down menus to select how many passengers you wish to book for so don't know if this was the stage you were getting stuck?

Either way let us know and we'll take a look:)




Hi guys - quick update. Are you trying through IPads or iphones perhaps as believe it may be down to them not supporting certain functionality / displays on our Hostel booking site. Perhaps try again on a PC / Laptop and see how you go! Cheers! Simon


Same issue for me. I've tried to book pre and post accommodation for my tours through google chrome and internet explorer and nothing comes up apart from my name and the promo code.
When i was checking it out a month or 2 ago on mytrip the booking info in extras did come up ...


Hi Drewus,

Did you manage to book in your accommodation?
If you'd like to send us through a screen shot of the problem you're having in the Trip Planner section of you MyTrip we can look into it further for you asap.
You can send your email to;
Talk soon,

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