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Sophie Edmonds said...

Hey Ben,
Was just wondering, I know you've been stressing that we're really getting value for money with this tour (it sounds fantastic!), but in addition to that, how much would you likely spend on things not included?
How much is the blue grotto optional trip and are there any meals included? What would you budget to spend on top of the payment for the tour?
Thanks for your help :]

Ok well, the first day, just enough money for dinner and drinks... the second day on Capri if you want to see the Blue Grotto you will need to pay a government entry tax of 10 Euro as it is considered an archialogical site. To get to the Grotto take a scenic boat tour around the island... AMAZING views and the best way to see it! (13 Euro) There is also a chairlift to the Top of Capri that is really picturesque and is 8Euro...

For Lunches I usually get Sandwhiches from a deli and it only costs a couple of Euros... Dinner the second night is often at the Camp Restaurant and is very reasonable though you may wish to have dinner in town.


Hi everyone (inc Busabout Staff),

I'm just wondering 2 things about the Italian Adventure tour. I've just about decided to do it now... I can only get on the 21st June group due to other time restraints.

1. Firstly, is there anyone else on here who is doing this particular trip? I will be staying in Rome the 2 nights before and 3 nights after the tour.

2. When booking, I can't upgrade the accommodation to the Cabin, saying no availability. Every other date I try in June there is availability, so is there no way to get around this, even after making the booking? What is the Tent accommodation like compared to the cabin...?? Do many people use the tents?

Thanks in advance!



There is the option to upgrade on the day of... usually not an issue. The tents I think are fine. They are permanently erected safari style tents and are twin share. The cabins are just basic wood sided buildings that are triple share. The big difference is they have their own toilet and shower.


The Italian Adventure sounds great!! I'm booking for the 12th July... Anyone else on this date? Let me know - Looking at getting to Rome 2 days before and leave a day after...


Hi Andrew,

Many people stick to the tents (they are solid huts as Ben says - kind of somewhere between a cabin and a tent). Cabin upgrades full for that departure but there's a bit of space in the hotel rooms if you wanted to add them onto before the trip. In August it's nice for some Aircon in Southern Italy but June should be nice in the cabins and tents too:)


Hi Everyone!
We are going on 9th August!! This tour sounds amazing and I cannot wait!!!! We are going tent style 8)
Anyone else going then too?
Nat :D


Hey anyone coming on the Italilian adventure June 21st?????


Hey guys

This trip sounds amazing, but I dont know what dates I will be in Rome. It will be July sometime, but not sure when. What are the chances booking it closer to the date or even a day or 2 before departure?



Is anyone doing the Italian Adventure beginning on the 24th September? I will be doing it solo and would love to get in contact with others doing the trip beforehand seeing as the basic accomodation will be twin share. If anyone is interested in being my twin-share friend let me know!


HI I am thinking about booking the italian explorer trip for next summer, before/or after spending a week looking for whales and dolphins on a sailing boat off the italian riveria. I have a few questions though. What is the security like in the tents and do many people upgrade to a hotel room? Also are there many solo travellers on this trip?


I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the approximate time that the bus gets back to Rome upon completion of the tour?

I know the drop off point is at Camping Roma and my friend and myself are trying to sort out end of tour accommodation. So if anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Clare,

The bus usually gets back in around 7 to 7:30pm but all depends on the traffic coming into the capital a bit! You can actually book pre/post accommodation on MyTrip online at camping Roma if you needed to book a bed that night, which we'd definitely recommend:)


wow, after reading what everyone has said this trip sounds amazing!! I will be hopefully be booking to leave the 25th July, traveling solo and would love to know if anyone else is doing this tour!!


Simon Busabout said...

Hi Clare,

The bus usually gets back in around 7 to 7:30pm but all depends on the traffic coming into the capital a bit! You can actually book pre/post accommodation on MyTrip online at camping Roma if you needed to book a bed that night, which we'd definitely recommend:)

Okay thanks for that info Simon! And Jess, my friend and I are booked for the July 25th departure, so we might see you then!


hey, i'm taking this trip on the 22nd july. anyone else doing the same?


I was just wondering if someone could help me out. My friend and I are going on this tour but have a flight the day the tour finishes at 8:30pm already booked-- We didn't realise that it finished so late and so stressed as we don't think we are going to make it for our flight.



Hi Nat,

That's unfortunate :(. Imo, the best thing to do is reschedule the flight for the next morning, and cancel the accommodation that would have been waiting for you at your destination for that night. Or, if you're as cheap as I am (and can also sleep pretty much anywhere) you could consider rescheduling the flight for that same night and just trying to get some shuteye in the airport/plane- hopefully the accomodation savings negates some of the rescheduling fee. Hope you get it worked out!

Myself and a mate are a couple of students from Melb Australia and are doing the italian adventure July 15th, hope it'll be a fun weekend :). We're also staying at the Alessandro's Palace Hostel beforehand, is anyone else doing this? It's not especially close to the camping roma pickup point...

Updated May 21, 2011 at 7:55 AM


Hey Nat, to be safe I think you might want to look at rescheduling, but otherwise, usually we arrive around 6:00 Then maybe hop in a taxi and off to the airport. Where are you flying? Within EU an hour before at the airport is fine... the flight has been made before, but Rome traffic can be unpredictable at best...


All good peeps. We arranged our flights for 2 days after the tour ends so we have some time in Rome too - it worked out perfectly.

Yay :D


Hi All

Anyone else booked to go on the Italian Adventure on 22 July??

I am looking at booking a bungalow at plus camping roma for the night before but am travelling solo - any other solo travellers staying the night before looking to share a cabin?

Looking forward to meeting you all in beautiful italy!!!

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