Italian Adventure

Wait... two days what does that mean? 3 nights? Because Night stops like Rome and Florence are 3 nights and Sienna as a day stop would be 2 nights... Also I would also suggest not cutting time out of Florence or Rome for Amalfi...


Thanks Ben. Italian Adventure it is then !!


Hey Emma me and my mate will be doing the Italian Adventure on the 11th so we should see you there..
so looking forward to the entire Europe trip.


Hey Jared,
Sounds good, I'll see you then. Will you be doing the south loop either before or after? I'll be heading onto Florence when I return from Italian Adventure. Days are counting down now!


we are heading up to Florence on the 16th of June not for long though were heading all the way up to Zurich by the 19th of June.

Yeah getting closer to the start of our trip

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Hi Emma and Aimee,

Emma - I am also arriving in rome on the 7th of june, possibly 8th of june, depending on how i decide to get from croatia to Rome.

after i'm making my way over to spain via florence and the cinque terre and south of france. what about yourself?

I start in london on the 10th of may, then fly to berlin 15th, to prague with busabout on 18th then doing a couple of tours an eastern trekker and croatia sailing tour.

Aimee - great to see there'll be few of us around :) looking forward to it!


Hi Rebecca,
I start Busabout in Paris on 8th May. Will arrive in Berlin on 15th and go to Prague on 18th as well. Then I will be following the north loop and transfering to the south loop at munich. After Rome I'm going to Florence, Cinque Terre, Nice, Lauterbrunnen, Lucerne then taking the train to Barcelona and Madrid for the Iberian Adventure. So looks like we have a few stop offs in common. It will be nice to know someone heading in a similar direction. :P Hope your travel plans are all working out, keep in touch.


He guys ok so help me out this trip sounds amazing but seems a little steep price wise. I'm looking at going in July and it's gonna cost me $399, now the accommodation is basic I believe it's around 20 euro a night on hostelworld. I was planning on visiting naples and a ferry from naples to sorrento/capri costs 7-15 euro and then a day trip to pompei I cant imagine that could be that expensive. Anyway if you could sell me on this trip it would be much appreciated or if your having similar thoughts then let me know! (I am aware the trip doesnt take me to Naples just in case anyone thought I was confused).


Have the Flight Centre travel expos been to your area yet? I went when they were in Adelaide and got the tour for $359, booking for July. That made the value of it, based on Ben's comments earlier in this thread, much better value. (I'm assuming you're an Aussie based on the price you quoted. :) )


Hey been and gone I booked my north, west and south loops their and got an awesome discount but I'm not eligible for the multi trip discount anymore I had to book it at the same time. And yeah I'm an aussie. I like the conviniance of this trip and I know it will be really beauitiful but we have 12 days to do rome and the south and and I just think I will save money by doing it independately but who knows perhaps a guide is worth alot more than I realise.


If you have LOTS of time then you might be able to save a bit. A really big bonus of this trip is the private transport that allows you to do so much in a short time. For example, using a regional train it takes 4 hours from Naples to Sorrento! Then you sti need to bus to the campground. Also we go Sorrento-Capri which is a 30-40 Euro ticket. Also pompeii admission is 11Euro but a 2 hour guided tour would cost atleast 100 euros!


does anyone know where the tour finishes in rome? do they take you back to the plus roma camping site?


You got it! We get off the ring road right at Camping Roma so you'll finish where you started! If you're not staying at Camping Roma not a worry... one Euro on the Local Bus (Stops right where we drop off) gets you to (and on) the metro to anywhere you want to go!


Hi Emma
I´m also a solo traveller doing the Italian Tour on the 11th. After reading what Ben said I can hardly wait! I choose to upgrade to the 3 person cabin just in case theres a huge downpour or it´s stinking hot. Unlikely I know. Then it´s on to Siena and Florence. Look forward to seeing you then :)


Great to hear from you Katarina,
Lets hope for good weather! I'm sure it will be. Will be great to meet you then! See ya


Hi Everyone,

We are doing the Italian Adventure on June the 11th as well, and we have the arrive in rome on the 9th, we dont really want to stay at Camping Roma, could someone advise how easy it is to get from the city to catch the bus for the Italian adventure? should we give an hour or so? would a taxi be the best bet? soooo many questions and we are sure we will really only find out once we get there, but any help would be good.



I would deff... taxi! Bus can be a little unreliable and missing the tour means getting a train to Sorrento!Not to mention, you dont really want to lug a bag in peak hour on mass transit!

If you want to stay in the city, maybe consider staying at Roma for just the night before departure. It is a REALLY nice camp... dont think of it as a campground so much as a resort! It has Swimming Pools, bars, a night club, restaurant, shops, etc.... you can get a private a/c Cabana too if you want or share accomodation.


Hey Ben,
Was just wondering, I know you've been stressing that we're really getting value for money with this tour (it sounds fantastic!), but in addition to that, how much would you likely spend on things not included?
How much is the blue grotto optional trip and are there any meals included? What would you budget to spend on top of the payment for the tour?
Thanks for your help :]


Hey guys, I am heading on the Italian adventure on June 21st!! Anyone else on the tour then?? I can't wait!, then heading to chill out greek islands styles!

Keen to meet others who are on the same tour!!


Hey Megs,

I'm thinking about going on this tour. I haven't booked anything yet, but I have 2 more nights to fill in for my trip.

Tossing up whether to fly up to Barcelona, Florence or doing this tour. Leaning away from Barcelona so that I'll leave Spain for another trip and it won't be enough time anyway.

So really, Florence or Italian Adventure??

Also Meg, what dates are you staying in Rome? I'm in Rome from the 19th.


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