Italian Adventure

Italian Adventure wooh! I am so excited for it, when I was looking through the brochure I thought straight away there was no way I could miss this! Me and my boyfriend are going on the 3rd of August. I know its still a while off but is anyone else doing this trip?


Hey Simie, I'm doing it 16-18 July and i can't wait!! it's going to be amazing!!



Hi Guys,

Been looking at this Italian Adventure for a long time as it looks fab, not visited Italy yet and this looks like the perfect introduction. Still wondering wether to book on it or not, nervous as I've never done this solo travelling before....anyone doing the trip at the end of July? :D


Hey! I'm gonna try to book it for July 25th. I already booked Sail Turkey and I was browsing around and saw this trip too...and I thought why not :), haha. I'm a solo traveler from the US. Is anyone else thinking of doing this trip around then?



I am thinking of doing the Italian Adventure trip 24-27th August- what was your trip like in June?

I will be travelling alone (and this will be my first trip on my own) what should I expect?

I am 26, is this an average age for this trip?

Thank you!

Christine :)



Hey christinehood,

Great that you are thinking of travelling with us! The trip has been getting rave reviews, it’s a great little one that definitely packs a punch in terms of what you can see in three days (the Blue Grotto is hands down one of the best things I got to see in Italy)! The age range on our adventure tours ranges anywhere from 18-30 so expect a nice variety of travellers.

Hope that helps!

Cheers, Stephanie :)


Hi everyone

Has anyone upgraded to hotel accommodation in this trip? How does that work?

Claire :)


It sounds incredible! I'm looking at doing to tour on the 14th of September. I would love to hear any feedback from you guys doing it a little earlier :)



I am just writing to see if anyone knows what time you arrive back into Rome on the last day of the tour. I know it depends on traffic but my partner and I have a wedding in Florence the next day so we have to get a train the day we get back.


Hi Daniel,
The Busabout guide says they arrive back at Plus Camping Roma, Rome at 7:30pm.
Might see you over there,


is anyone thinking of doing the italian adventure tour this july ?:)


Hey Maria! Yeah i've planned to go on the Italian adventure starting on the 18th of July :D


I'm doing the Italian adventure in June and I'm just wondering whether we visit Positano?


Hi, I'm doing the Italian Adventure 11/09/17-13/09/17. So excited! Staying at Camping Roma the night before and then Rome for two nights after :)


Hi there. I am really interested in this trip. 26th May. I am 38. I did the Bohemian Trek in September and it was amazing. The trouble is I usually take my parents on holiday that weekend of the year and they would love Rome/Sorrento so I was of taking them along. Do you think they would be ok at their age (65 and 69). As its only 2 nights I thought it would be ok? any thoughts? thankyou. angela.


Go to Milan! Milan is gorgeous. Moreover, do not forget to visit Venice, which is also more than beautiful. :P



Does anyone know if this is the accommodation in Sorrento?

Villaggio Campeggio Santa Fortunata Campogaio

I'm doing the Italian Adventure on 14th July :D


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